20190831 - 2 PRs and College Football

20190831 - Up in the am earlier than I would have chosen... L&I headed to Hilliard to watch J run. We met up with JGF3 and watched J run a new personal record of 19:20! J's team came in second for the day. L&I left them there and headed all the way over to Granville to watch G run and G had an awesome race of 13:03, a new PR for him and his points counted to the overall team for the first time. G's team won the meet! 

We headed back home, swung through KFC and landed on the back porch where we settled in to watch the first OSU football game of the season. I had to take one break to go pick G up from school. We watched the game, D was there and had a blast with his friends. Spent the rest of the day getting things done around the house and watching more college football for the rest of the day.