20190802 - Go Karts Putt Putt & Bat

20190802 - Up and crappy looking day. We headed to the beach just for a bit right off the peer where we stopped the first night and the waves weren't great. The boys are pretty beached out, L&I could stay all day... Back to the condo and L got a break as JG&I headed to the Fun Warehouse for some go-kart action. We had to make 2 trips as the first time I left my billfold back at the condo, glad it wasn't a long drive... We got our tickets and had some fun racing each other and playing laser tag. Back to the condo and got L and we headed just down the road to Dagwood's a place where we ate on a big sliding table. The food was really good and we were stuffed. We all did another Putt Putt at Runaway bay a place close to the condo and on the way back we swung through Piggly Wiggly to pick up some coffee and more candy. 

We hung out at the condo for a bit and then headed out with J&G to watch the new Fast & furious: Hobbs & Shaw movie.  It was really good, packed with action and we didn't get home until 1:30am. Dylan sent us a picture of his finished bat: Winger Bats is born!