20190803 + MICHAEL JACKSON (almost)

20190803 + Up in the am and to the beach. It was overcast and nice out. The boys didn't spend much time in the ocean, but I got some boogie boarding in. G made a castle he sent out on instabook. The boys wanted to go back to the condo... Back to the condo and hing out a bit and then headed way up north again to Barefoot Landing to walk around the shops, buy more candy and see cool stuff. J&G were giggly as they tried over and over to quickly say Ron John's Surf Shop Sweatshirts. I convinced J to get a 'Crabby Jack's' t-shirt, very fitting... and we had dinner at Johnny Rockets. Then it was time for the MAIN EVENT. We went to see Who's Bad known as the Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience. The world's longest running tribute to Michael Jackson and the only one to predate his passing, Who's Bad has stood the test of time for the last 14 years at the House of Blues. I had purchased tickets earlier in the week and upgraded to the VIP package and we when we walked up to the House of Blues after dinner walked past the huge lines and right in the front door to our front room balcony seats for an amazing view. The event started off with a DJ spinning songs for different decades to satisfy everyone in the place and people were dancing and sing and having a good time. Then Who's Bad took the stage and put on an AWESOME SHOW! the main guy must have studied every move Michael ever made as he move and danced exactly like him. G recorded almost every song and they both clapped and sang along to the songs. It made me wish I had seen him in concert when I was younger. What a great way to end our vacation! WOW!

 Well not very good at taking selfies... back to the condo and packed up as much a possible.