20190806 - Squad Run

20190806 - Up in the am and L got J up and out to school to register for classes. I got around and headed in to work and started making noise and getting things rolling to get caught up. About 10:30 Lori called me and said her left side was numb. She went over to the neighbors and was going to have them take her to the Dr. Thinking about it I called her back and told her to call the squad, they could get her there faster and may have medicine she would need. I raced home and pulled in with the squad there as they were loading her up.

The squad took her to the hospital and I got the boys organized, they had just got home from XC as everything was going on... I gave them instructions and then headed to the hospital. By the time I found L's room in the ER she was gone, she was getting a CT scan. L got back to the room and we chatted a bit as Dr.s and nurses came and went. Nicole showed up and we all sat around waiting and waiting... eventually L was rolled out to get an MRI. When L got back to the room we waited and waited... They wanted to admit her overnight to observe her and moved her up to a room on the stroke floor. GmaB showed up and took care of the boys. We still didn't have many answers... eventually the nurses on the floor gave us what news they could, that the CT and MRI came back normal and there would be no new activity until tomorrow as they are still not sure why she is numb from the left eyebrow all the way down to her knee... GmaB brought G and some supplies in for L.  I wrapped things up at the hospital and headed home. Home and J went to his XC parent meeting tonight, he caught a ride with a friend and got new shoes.  I got J&G squared away with the plan for tomorrow morning and headed to bed.