20190820 - All Over Town

20190820 - Up in the morning, bad headache, Got J to school and thought it would be fun to drive through the construction on 270 to see the progress, pretty amazing how they build these huge road and keep everyone moving, even if it is a bit slower. In the office annoying as many people as possible on the way to my desk and getting things fired up and rolling. Got a ton done and headed out on time today. Home and L reported the garage door wasn't working so when I got home I fixed it. L&G home soon from G's xc practice. G changed quick, burned his hand on the cast iron skillet and then I ran him to baseball practice. I swung by the house, Tiff & Amaya were there so L could braid Amaya's hair for her first day of school tomorrow. I grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the high school to host a Team App training. Home and hung out with with everyone watching America's Got Talent. We called D this evening, he is doing ok and settling in.