20190818 + 1st Day of 14th

20190818 + Up in the am and D was loading his car up. L made J&G help him. We got all his stuff loaded up and D said goodbye to his brothers as they ran up the steps to get on their Xboxes... L&I followed him back to school, L drove so I could try to get caught up on some things. We got there and D had his key and was checking out the room. His roommate, 'Burnsy' (Arron Burns) played baseball with D last year at WC and all summer, was there and the room was a bit moldy, so we waited around until the Housing folks showed up. As we waited everyone enrolled in Wilmington College walked through the building we were in, said hello to D and he hugged them. Guess he fits in here... Eventually we got a new room assigned and moved his stuff in up there. The new room was fine, except it is in the freshman dorm, on the 4rth floor and hotter than the sun. But there was no mold so we are ok with it. All moved in and LD&I ran to McD's for some lunch and then Kroger for only a couple supplies and Lowe's to get a little rug. Back to the dorm and helped carry the supplies in and D after a quick hug vanished and was ready to roll and get on with his 2nd year. MUCH easier to say goodbye this year than last year... L&I took our time and stopped in the school bookstore and got ourselves some things and a bday present for D before heading home.

I drove and we got home and forced the boys out of the house, J went riding with some friends, G hung out with L and I was on the back porch doing Booster stuff. Gma&paW stopped by. I helped GpaW with his phone a bit and then they took G shopping. The parents of the new neighbors were at Jim & Vicki's so I introduced myself to them. G back and L ran him to basketball practice. J back from riding around with his friends and LJ Gma&paW & I headed to O'Charley's for a nice dinner. I have to eat fast and go pick G up from basketball and then drive him through Cane's for his dinner... Home and Gma&paW dropped off presents for D's bday and headed home. We all hung out in the living room a bit watching some TV. I was up late doing Booster stuff.