20190819 - First Official Run 4G

20190819 - Up in the am and got J to school. Roads a mess all over this morning so it took a while to get in. In and up and rolling, need this to be a slower and more productive week than last week. Was at the desk ALL DAY and got a bunch done, not sure it is what needed done... Home and L at G's first XC meet today. G was disappointed with his performance, ran a 15:26 almost 2 minutes slower than normal. I got home and J showed up shortly after. We ate and got trash together and I cleaned out some things from the office. L&G home and chatted with them for a minute before heading out to a Booster meeting.  L ran J to Scouts. The meeting was good, getting some more board members, that should help. After the meeting I headed to Scouts and checked in with folks. Home for only a minute and then got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers. Doc is moving real slow and repeating things a lot... Home and I was up late working on the actions from tonight's meetings.