20190809 - Visitors and Early Bday

20190809 - Up in the am and completely exhausted straight out of bed... D headed out to work and L&GmaB getting G to XC, he has a pool party today. I headed out a bit late, got about to 270 and turned around to go back home and get my phone and then back on the road to work... In to the office and caught up with CB & Lonie. Got things lined up and knocking them out this am. On the PC hard all day getting tons of things caught up. Home a bit late and GpaB ere to get GmaB. We all ran to Moe's for dinner. After dinner Gma&paB took off and we headed home. After a bit Gma&paW stopped by so we could give him his bday present and chat a bit. After everyone left D headed out to spend the night at a friends and the rest of us watched Alita Battle Angel, it was a great movie. Up late getting pics added to the blog.