20190810 - Around Town Day

20190810 - Happy bday to GpaW! Up in the am and ran J to XC over by Easton. I drove through the Land Rover and Mercedes dealerships on the way home for fun. Home and rested a bit until time to go back and get J. Got J and headed home, he ran 8.5 miles this am. Home and J shipping ebay stuff and I got some stuff done on the PC. Went driving with J to the post office, gas station, picked up a couple more bat billets for D's bday, on to the auction house in Reynoldsburg and finally to the bank. J id really good driving. Home and hung out until some of G's buddies showed up to spend the night. I played cornhole with them and beat the pants off of them in Trouble before they retired to the basement for the night. L&I watched a movie and headed to bed.