20190816 - GLHS Soccer

20190816 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and headed to work through the new construction on 270. I thought I would take a chance and see how the new bridges and roads look. Traffic moved a long quicker than I expected and the construction looks great. I think they are opening up one of the new sections that will bypass a couple exits this weekend. On in the work and hit the ground running, knocking things out. Had an ok day, didn't get done as much as I wanted to... Home and LJG&I headed out. We stopped at Wendy;s and got some dinner and delivered some of it to D at work and then on to the high school for the first soccer games of the season. They had a new sound system and we could actually hear what was going on! We saw a lot of folks we knew and had a good time. Home and hung out until bed time, worked on Booster stuff for a bit.