20190731 + Show Shop Big Food

20190731 + Up in the am and it is a no sun day for all of us. We were out too long yesterday and everyone has at least one burned section one them... so as everyone got up and ready I got on the phone and made some calls. Everyone ready and we headed north to Pirates Voyage. We got checked in and some snacks and watched the preshow. J&G really wanted to go but didn’t seem to in to it... preshow over and we headed in to the main event. I had arranged front row seats for us and it put us much closer to the action than we’ve ever been before. The show was great and then the server girl came up to us and said ‘I need the four of you to go over to the stairs over there’ (I arranged that too...) We were then called out onto the performance apron to take part in a bucket brigade race against a family on the other side. We did great! Everyone got wet but we filled the bucket and broke our balloon first! It was a blast!

After the show we headed to Broadway at the Beach to spend the rest of the afternoon shopping. We all got something at the giant candy store and it was plenty hot out so we stopped for a Ben & Jerry's treat along the way. We hit the beef jerky outlet and a Ron Jon's but J didn't want to spend any of his own money :-)

Done shopping we headed back to the condo and L found a little local Italian place to eat. J ordered a Stromboli and WOW was it big! All the food was unreal, definitely a new favorite! After dinner we headed to the condo and to the pool. We played at the pool until the boys needed to go back to the room... back at the room and everyone settled. G&I explored the outdoor movie they were showing and then back to watch some Shark Week until bed time.