20190730 - Feather, Beach, Putt-Putt & Pool

20190730 - Up late and to Myrtle Beach St Park for the morning. We caught waves on our boogie boards for hours. G only had one panic attack when he thought a shark brushed up against his leg, make that 2 when he thought he broke his toe... I ended the session by digging a chair in the sand at the edge of the incoming tide and relaxed and baked for a min.

We headed back to the condo at 3 where we all got cleaned up and inspected the new shades of red my torso has geometrically splashed across it. After we all got cleaned up quick we headed to the Hammock Shope at Pawleys Island. We checked out the shops as they closed at 6, a bit too early I’d say, and they were mostly fancy expensive shops. We did find one cool toy store where we got a couple things. We then walked to the BisQit restaurant where we had an amazing meal! Started off with gourmet shakes and then wings and rosemary sea salt garlic fries and then amazing burgers. J built his own: tomato, pickle, lettuce, BBQ sauce, mushrooms, spinach, provolone and queso, chili, chorizo and avocado. The food was unreal and we were stuffed, especially J. Back in the car and to Gilligan's Island putt-putt where I dominated the course. We had a good time despite the super slow players ahead of us. Back to the condo where I applied layers of aloe and had a drink. L put everything away, J played with ball on a string toy he got and G touched up photos. We all gave D a call, he and Lilly are still alive and had some friends over. L&G ran to the pool and J&I hung back relaxing.