20190706 + Last game

20190706 + Up got the ladders out and started trimming vines. JG&I took a break and ran down to Academy Park to see D working the D-Bat tent and meet up with Jim Long and his family. Home and J&I finished the vine trimming on the West side of the house and Jim and his kids showed up to get out of the massive heat. We visited and the kids played and had a good time telling stories and looking at reunion pic and year books. We got seeded and had to rush out to the field where we didn’t get started quick enough and then we rushed by the weather and errors to lose our last game of the season... We swung through Wendy's on the way home and then I ran J downtown with some of his friends for a concert in pouring rain and horrible constructions. Home and got done paying the bills and hung out with LD&G the rest of the evening.