20190722 - Not Bright

20190722 - Up in the am and J dragging, making everyone else late... L got J delivered to XC, D dropped off his car to FINALLY get the oil changed (free with the coupon I gave him) and to work. G up and ready for his XC and I headed in to work. The office had a handful of new folks today and was 80 degrees warmer. I got things fired up and started a busy week of planning so things run smooth next week while we are out. Home and no baseball! D&I ran to pick up his car, they didn't check out why the 'Check Engine' or '4x4' lights have been on forever... L made us dinner and we all sat down together and had a good meal. After dinner D&J vanished as usual and G&I played rummy until it was time for Bible Bangers. D&G went with us tonight and we picked up Doc and had a short meeting. Home and couldn't sleep, up tossing and turning until 3am being the last time I looked at the clock.