20190709 - Jack has a Life (badge)

20190709 - Up in the am and in to work to a surprise meeting about a change that they wanted that we didn't need and we won't do until August. I hope that confuses you as much as it did me... Had a pretty busy day and headed out a bit late. Home and helped L cook dinner. J home from the pool and LJG&I had a nice dinner. After dinner J&I headed to the Scout Board of Review where we had to split up in to two rooms tonight due to everyone wanted to get their rank advancements done before summer camp. J got his Life Scout rank and now only has his Eagle Project to do to become an Eagle Scout! After the BOR J drove me to CVS to get tanning bed burn aloe... Home and watched some of the All-Star game and applied a lot of aloe... Up late reading a book! yes an actual paper book!