20190710 - Tubular

20190710 - Up in the am and L took J to XC, got D up 5 min before he was supposed to be at work, ran G and his buddy to XC. I headed in to work, took 13 min to get through Cherry Bottom & Moris Rd, another 9 minutes to get from there 14 miles to my office... To the desk and Kevin got me a better chair. Had a busy day with a lot of progress. Home a bit late and D at his game, J on an adventure with some buddies and LG&I had dinner. After dinner L went to D's game and G&I got his pipestone wood bundled and then played cornhole, I finally beat him! After a bit L home and J called done with his adventure: At XC this morning J thought it would be a good idea to go tubing down the Big Walnut Creek. So Jack and 5 of his buddies got themselves some tubes and headed to Academy Park and spent the next 3 hours floating down the creek, swinging on a rope swing they found, going through rapids and splashing around. They had a BLAST! All home, D won and D&I working on finding him a student loan for school this year.