20190724 ‡ Knockout

20190724  Up in the am, L got J&G to XC practices and I chatted with D about wrapping up some lose ends. Headed to the bank to order checks for 3 separate little business accounts because the decided to change routing numbers and make my remaining checks obsolete and the online option wouldn't allow me to place orders (STAR BANGING HEAD). After 20-30 min of them thinking about how to do this for me they let me know the online system was down (YOU DON'T SAY, WONDER why I'm in the bank in the first place...) so I left my old checks there assured they would figure it out and order checks for me and let me know when it is done (OMG!). On in towards work and went North on 23 instead of South toward the office; I thought well it is early and I can run to Planet Fitness and get my 2 min of tanning done this am. Got to Planet Fitness and this one doesn't have stand up tanning beds, not doing the lay down kind... So in the car and now determined to succeed I drove to the Planet Fitness at Polaris. Got there and asked if they had the stand up ones and yes they do, 'I'll take 2 min in one of those please'. HOLD ON NOT SO FAST you need to fill out all these papers that determine your skin type and how long you can be in one of our tanning beds. WHAT? Are you serious the Planet Fitness in Gahanna tried to put me in a tanning bed for 13 minutes that would have cooking my internal organs without asking me a thing! Glad these guys knew what they were doing I took the time and filled out the papers and got my tanning done. On the road and it is a straight shot down old Worthington Galena rd to downtown Worthington. 5.3 miles to the office. 38 MINUTES! 38 minutes to go 5.3 miles! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? OMG! Finally made it in to the office and got the day rolling... Had a busy day of cleaning things up in the office and then headed home. L worked on her doll house today and then cooked us dinner and then we played a new card game, Knockout. I was up late looking up things to do on vacation.