20190727 - 3 States to Chinese

20190727 - Up in the am and L took J&G to a 5K run at academy park. D&I got up and around and D ran some stuff to Goodwill and got the car washed while I cleaned up the garage. Everyone home and D and I installed some molding around the ceiling of the basement steps, it looks great, not sure why we waited 18 years to do... After the the project I finished cleaning the garage and then LJG&I packed up the car and headed South. A quick 5hr drive through southern Ohio, all of West Virginia and to Wythville Virginia to the usual dinner stop the Peking Chinese restaurant.

We had a good meal, I found us a hotel and we headed over to check in. Of course the pool was closed 🤨 so G&I got our phones out and took a walk to do some Pokémon hunting. Back to the hotel and we played some pool, J joined us for 1 game, then G played some little boy that was watching. G&I finished out the night playing a hug connect 4 game he couldn’t beat me 🤓