20190721 - Last 9

20190721 - Up late to a very quiet house. L ran to pick up J's from his friends, D at his baseball game, G sleeping like a bear in hibernation... Got some things together and L&I headed to D's game, J&G in slug mode. It was incredibly hot and the outcome of the game didn't matter, the boys are done after this game win or lose, so they had blast chatting it up and being goofy. They had the lead at one point but then a couple more injuries and things headed the wrong way. Boys didn't care, they were there to have fun playing a game they love and this is the last game of the season.

 After the game we headed home. I installed 3 Nest Protect smoke and CO detectors, D helped on one and J helped on one. Wrapped up the install about 9pm, ate my left over Chipotle and then headed to bed after a busy weekend.