20190729 + Beach Time!

20190729 + Up in the am and to Huntington Beach St Park. We stopped at the world’s largest shark to get some supplies before hitting the beach. To the beach and we walked a bit and found ourselves a wonderful spot and hit the waves. We biggie boarded for hours and hung out under the umbrella. What a peaceful morning and perfect weather. After our beach excursion we walked through Atalaya Castle a 1930’s winter home of the Huntington’s. It was super cool. Headed back to the condo with a stop at Pelican’s Snow Balls for a tasty treat. One more stop to pick up some drinks for L&I before we got back at the condo and we got cleaned up and headed way up To North Myrtle Beach to try out a new buffet place, Captain Jack’s, it was amazing. G brought back plate after plate of ribeye steak and J didn’t move as long as we kept a plate of crab legs in from of him.

On the way home we stopped at Hawaiian Village mini golf where we play 36 holes and I emerged the victor of putt-putt round 1! Back to the condo and G still on hyper speed we went to the pool for the last hour it was open. Back the the condo and G made me some ice cream and we watched some of Shark Week on Discovery to end the day.