20190723 - Sticky Situation

20190723 - Up in the am, L ran J to XC and D headed out to work. I headed in and had crisis after crisis this morning destroying any dreams I had of getting things done today... Took a break and ran downtown to pick up the Scout awards that the Troop earned last week. The lady in the store, that has a maximum speed of a 3 finned tortoise in a shrimp net, attempted to scan the 49 awards I needed quickly and would have done much better had she not attempted to talk and scan when obviously simultaneous functions are forbidden in her brain.  Eventually made it out of the Scout Shop and headed back to work. Stopped at my bosses car just long enough to put a Trump 2020 sticker on it, he hates Trump and yes that is a Ferrari. Finished the day and headed home, had to go the back way because traffic on 270 was a nightmare. Got home and Gma&paW there. We headed to dinner at El Vaquero and had a good meal, D swung by for a minute from work to say high. After dinner I left them all school shopping and headed home. Talked to Jim in the backyard and he told me all the stuff he had to do to his house to get it ready to sell. In and worked on the graphics for the Booster Ad campaign I am starting tonight. Everyone eventually home with many purchases. Talked to D about vacation vs staying home to work vs baseball... L very upset about it all. Up until 2am sending out notifications for Boosters.