20190728 + Panic and Arrival

20190728 + Up and down to a disastrous bfast situation... this is the 1st weekend for this hotel to be open and they did not have their 💩 together... out of eggs, coffee, bagels, etc and only 1 girl scrambling around trying to do everything... I went into the hotel office and told the 3 people standing there on their phones to get out there and help her, this is NOT how a Hilton hotel should be... In the car and J driving... I started him off on a bit of a hilly twisty side road to get use to the car, we almost got hit by a tractor pulling a hay mower.  L was an absolute mess in the back but J got us to Shot Tower where we climbed the 77 steps to the top to see how they dropped molten lead 150 feet to make shot for the civil war. Back on the road and this time the highway up a mountain and then down. The speeds extreme slope, curves and perilous drop over the guardrail were a bit too much for L as her leg and eye were twitching... J got us into North Carolina and to the rest stop where L took over driving for a bit.  L drove us a couple hours and got us to Ellerbe NC where we are at an out of the way place the Ellerbe Springs that used to be a school, confederate troop housing, inn, Boy Scout camp and finally a restrauant and campground.  We had amazing food and learned about all the ghosts on the property. After we explored a bit we made the short trip to the Rankin Museum that had super cool exhibits, especially the Andre the Giant one!  

Over to the World’s largest strawberry for a cool sweet treat before the last leg with one more quick stop at the World’s tiniest church!

Finally to our condo and checked in we headed to the beach to jump in the Atlantic for a few moments to reward ourselves for the journey. We swung through Popeye’s for some chicken on the back to the condo. Back to base and we ate and then L&I headed to Piggly Wiggly to get a million dollars worth of groceries while J&G swan and the condo pool. Home and some ice cream before bed.