20190725 - New Hood

20190725 - Up in the am, L dropped J at XC and then took Lil on a walk. I got ready for work, went up and reminded D it was NOT OK to spend the entire day in his room... Headed in to work, the traffic diverted me to 161 and took that all the west to work today. In the office a new shift of folks in for the firsts time so got to see some folks I hadn't seen since we moved out of the big office. Getting the day rolling and trying to figure out what I can get done before we leave.  Finished up the day and headed out a bit late. Home and checked out D's paint job, he painted the hood of his car to stop the rust and cover the bare spots, looks good! Had a quick bite with LD&G before I had to run to Bexley to pick J up from a movie date with JGF2, she's super cute :-)  Home and hung out a bit and then DJ&I played some Texas Hold'em with D to introduce him to poker. Game over and all boys to bed. I stayed up WAY TOO LATE (3am) cleaning things up for personal and Boosters before vacation.