20180721 + Got my Boys

20180721 + Up in the am an swung through Mcd's to pick up some bfast and headed NE on 62 up through Amish country to get the boys. I passed 24 buggies on the way through the twisty windy backroads to get to the camp. I pulled in a couple min after the boys got to the parking lot and they got loaded up right away. G was hobbling a bit from an ankle injury... but was proud to show me his Pipestone! I checked in with the leaders and the Wingers headed out ahead of everyone to the Dutch Kitchen in Dalton to make sure they were ready for the Troop. On the way D read off his notes he took because he knew I would ask for details of the week. J&G chimed in with there side stories and tales of a fun week at camp. They told of D going up to the final campfire and calling his  brothers up and told them 'this is the first time we have all been here together, and it won't be the last. That he loved them...' and they all hugged and cried. He gave another speech that made everyone else cry too and Robby told him he is no longer allowed to talk during campfires because he always makes everyone cry. We got the restaurant and  made sure they were ready and soon the Troop started pouring in. About 40 of us had lunch together and chatted bout the week. People had nice things to say about the boys and there was plenty of food.

 After dinner I finally got my 4th of July picture in the corn!  As we got in the car G asked 'Did you bring my iTouch?' = no, J 'Did you bring my iPhone?' = no, D 'Did you bring my iPhone?' = no, but I did get you all new cases and filled them with brand new iPhone 8s! The boys were THRILLED! Especially G as this is his fist real phone. They dug into their new devices and were pretty quiet the rest of the way to the Farm. We stopped for a minute and chatted with Gma&paW and they told of their adventures and made plans for Indians games. Back on the road, G asleep before we made it to the schoolhouse, J before Bellville, D soon after. A quiet ride home and then greeted by a hard tail wagging girl and their mom. They went through their stories again and got things unloaded and put away. D came out to the back porch to tell me about his adult duties at camp this year and it was pretty cool, he got to be an Indian for the Friday night ceremonies and had a blast. He then got out the laptop we got him for school and got it all set up.