20180703 - Sno Kone

20180703 - Up in the am and found D had spent the night on the couch, must have been too hot in his room. Ready and in to work. Started the morning with some research and then a 3 hours of meetings. Spent the day focused on FMLA process and recording. Finished the day off and headed home. LJ&G at the pool, D&DGF7 went with me to Dave's warehouse to get more stuff including a Sno Kone machine. We loaded up my car, D's and DGF7's cars with stuff and headed home. The garage is getting quite full... In to the AC and trying to figure out what to do, L wanted to go see the new Jurassic Park movie, but J&G voted it down, L&I were then going to go to a movie but everything started too late... so we all ended up watching (except L, she fell asleep instantly) Logan Lucky in the basement to finish up the night and headed to bed.