20180725 + My Girls

20180725 + Up slowly in the am. I drove D's car in to work today as he is borrowing mine to drive to Cleveland with DGF7 to see an Indians game today. The drive in was good, not too many sounds coming from the car. In the office with a clear list of things yet to do before heading out on vacation. Had a very busy morning and got a lot of things done. Took a break for some table shuffleboard with Shane. Finished the day on the internal website. Headed home the back way to avoid traffic. Home and L on the porch waiting for me. We hung out, watched TV, Jim came over and we chatted, I worked on Booster stuff. We ate on the porch and went in when it got too buggy. D home, he had a good day, stopped at the Farm on the way and drove the pug a bit, on to the Indians game, they had good seats and they won. They stopped at the Farm on the way home, helped GmaW with her network and then they all went out to eat. D got home, told L&I of his day. Up late looking at hotels for a stop on the way home from vacation.