20180729 - Funny Hats

20180729 - Up in the am and it is raining like crazy! We hung out in the room and pretty soon the sun came out and we headed down to the beach. The boys and I headed out as far as we could and took turns riding the waves in on the boogie boards. More rain came rolling in so we headed in. We got cleaned up and headed to Broadway at the Beach to play putt putt and it was a good game, G won. We walked around in and out of a bunch of shops, a magic shop where G got some stuff and a bunch of other stores where J&D found treasures too. I got beef jerky :-)  we went in to a sports bar and after waiting 10 min with no one helping us we went to Senior Froggy’s where we had a good meal and got balloon hats! We walked the rest of he loop, stopping at the aquarium looking for a shark for J and then headed back to the resort. We went back out to the beach for a bit but got rained out so back to the room where we played some Uno.