20180707 - Dylan vs Cousin

20180707 - Up early and LG&I to D's 1st day of the game in Big Walnut. It was a good game and the boys won 14-2. We headed home before the second game and I dug into the stuff in the garage and started sorting. Before I knew it it was time to go to D's 2nd game of the day. it was a great game for our boys winning 21-0 but it took forever... at least it was a pretty day and Gma&paW came down to watch the game. After the game L went shopping with Gma&paW and D&I headed home. I dug in and sorted more until L and Gma&paW got to our house. We all headed down to the Old Bag of Nails for dinner. G, GmaW and I took a quick walk so G could do some Pokemon hunting before we ate. We ate and then D&I split off to pick up some more stuff from Dave's warehouse for the final load. LJ&G hung out with Gma&paW and got some ice cream. All back home and we watched 'Downsizing' (I watched it last night...) with fam, I went through a bunch of stuff from Dave's and listed them. Everyone to bed and I stayed up and watched another movie on Amazon while listing more items.