20180702 + Loads of Stuff

20180702 + Up in the am and in to work. Quiet morning getting caught up on some things and lining up direction for advancement. Had a good busy day, storming outside. Home and G&I on the porch rolling up his pipestone. LJG&I had dinner together. I ran J&G to scouts and then J&I ran to another Troop to get his merit badge card signed off, but the person was not there... Back to our troop and dropped J off. I headed home and D&I went to Dave's warehouse, he is getting kicked out, so he loaded us up with stuff D can sell on ebay. D loaded up his car and mine and we headed home and unloaded everything into the garage. L had picked the boys up and they were playing on the Xbox. I watched a bit of TV with L and then headed to the office to get some things done before heading to bed.