20180704 - BOOMS!

20180704 - Up in the am and D at the pool for work, LJG&I headed downtown to watch the 4th of July parade and wave to all the folks we know marching. It was a nice parade, longer than previous years and blasted HOT! After the parade we headed home. G put some time in to cleaning a Sno Kone maker we recently got while I worked on getting the mower adjusted so the belt stopped flying off. G got the machine cleaned up and we all tested it out. It make awesome sno kones!!!! After our treat J&I cut up our extra long picnic table into a more normal size and then took the left overs and made a bench. D came in to help me finish flattening the eating surface of our new shorter table and we got got poured on. D went to pick up DGF7 and I hung out on the porch listing things on eBay until D returned and the rain let up and we finished the table and got everything put away. I got some more listing done, rinsed off and then we all headed to the McClain's for a cookout and Bill's bday dinner. We took the sno kone machine with us and it was a hit! We had a good meal and conversations and headed home, swinging by a party to pick J up and then LJG&I sat on the sidewalk in front of the house and watched the Gahanna fireworks to finish off the night.