20180713 + Untan

20180713 + Up in the am and in to work. Had to take an alternate route as traffic was at a standstill on 270 this morning. In and started off writing policies and procedures right out of the gate. Worked all day and headed out a couple min early to get to the high school down the road to watch D play for a bit. The boys won and D headed home and L&I headed into Worthington to meet up with Courtland and Missy so we could see her new car and get a tour of the new building. Lori loved the building and it was good to see CB and Missy again, it has been a long time. We got a tour and ride in Missy's new Range Rover, super nice and then L&I headed to the Old Bag of Nails for a good dinner. Home and tried to get the boys a little organized for upcoming camp.