20180705 + Porch Sitting

20180705 + Up in the am and getting ready for the day with L, got J up to run, he was not happy about it... In to work and got the day rolling. Had a demo of some software functionality and a good discussion with the lead Engineers. Headed out for an awesome lunch with CB and talked about the state of things and plans. Back to the office and finished the day. Home and on the back porch searching for vacation spots as D listed a couple things on eBay. L cooked us a nice dinner and then I took J&G to Panera to meet with Mr. Sampson about the cooking merit badge. I took L’s car to check out her brakes, the back drivers side is grinding... ran to Dave’s warehouse and picked up another load of stuff. Home, unloaded the stuff, picked up J’s blue cards and headed back to Panera. I sat and chatted with the Gahanna City Council President (his son is a Scout too) and he told me about the huge vacation he has planned. After the cooking conversation was over JG&I headed home. Home and watched some TV with L and reviewed what J had left to do before the upcoming camp.