20180715 + 1st Time for All 3

20180715 + Up early and boys got everything packed into the white car. We all headed over to the school behind the house to check in with the Troop and then DG&I headed off to get gas and snacks. Back to the school and picked up L&J and we headed to Scout camp. We got to the Dalton Dari-ette and had lunch with the Troop. Back on the road for another hour to arrive at camp. Boys got unloaded, pictures taken, health forms reviewed and ready to hike back to camp in good quick fashion. G stuck pretty tight to D and when D left to go do some adult things he stuck to J. He got himself a nice new tent with mosquito netting, got changed and headed to the waterfront. G was the smallest in his group, but was the 2nd to be done and pass the BSA Swim Test. L&I said goodbye to J&G (D already off doing other things) and we headed back to the car. We swung by the Scout Store to get a couple slushies to cool the blistering heat. Back on the road and we stopped at the Farm and went to Applebee's for a nice dinner and to catch up a bit. Back on the road and home to a sad dog. I got the boys devices backed up and cleaned up and to bed in good time. A lot of time on the road today and sort of sad to take and leave G at camp.