20180730 - Funny Fin

20180730 - Up in the am and everyone had bfast and in the room hanging out as it is raining like crazy. D&I worked on his laptop and Asus support told us it would have to be sent in for repair... It cleared up a bit around lunchtime and we headed out for a nice cloud covered beach visit. The boys and I were way out trying to catch waves and splashin around. We swan for a couple hours and as the sky darkened we headed in, got cleaned up and headed to Captain Hooks mini golf. It was an ok round, D out of joint and D&J hanging up on everything spaz G did or said didn’t help... we made it through with 7 hole in ones and started the second course when G melted down so we left and as we got in the car it started raining. On to Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse for an AWESOME stuff yourself meal. We stayed and ate and ate. After dinner we swung by McD’s to get some sausage McMuffins for bfast. Back to the resort and then down to the pool. Then back up due to “lighteninged” as G would say. So we played some Uno and euchre. We then headed back to the pool lazy river area and the boys played, G left out so bummed... back up to the room, rinsed off and playing on our iPhones and watching Harry Potter until very late.