20201231 - Cold Blodded

20201231 - Up in the am and got some things done at the desk. In the afternoon Adam, one of our neighbors, came over rode with me to the lawyers' office downtown. The other two neighbors met us there. We discussed everything that had happened and what we could do about it... Home and worked a bit more. L drank lots of water and then tried to squeeze some blood out of her ice cold fingers for her Everlywell test she got for Christmas. I ran out and picked up dinner from Rusty Bucket. L&I Watched some TV, J at friends and G up on the Xbox. 

Silver car showed up next door at 11:45, revving their engine, yelling and hooting up next door. They were in the car smoking something with smoke just filling the car. This went on for about a half an hour until I called the police and they sent a cruiser by slowly. It took the idiots in the silver 8 seconds to get out of the car and in to the house after they saw the police :-)  G down around midnight and we watched the ball drop. The idiots next door continued the noise and moronic activities until they left at 2:11.