20201031 + BUSY DAY

20201031 + Up in the am and G at basketball and L doing yard work and I headed out! First stop was CVS to exchange a Gahanna Lions jacket L got for my bday that had a broken zipper. Next hit the pharmacy for a refill. Then the gas station where I spent a ton on gas for the cars and empty shed gas cans and 2 propane refills. Home and unloaded everything. Back out and headed to 2 auction houses where I picked up winnings from the last couple weeks. Home and unloaded everything and went through it with L, she didn't want much of it. J home and I got him started on resetting my old PC so he could use it in his room. After a bit I headed out to the post office and the grocery to get supplies before the second COVID wave and election... It was a trip for staples and things are missing from the shelves, cleaner, flour, etc... So I am not the only one worried about the next couple weeks... I had a mounded cart full and only made it through half of my list... Checked out and headed home. LJ&G helped me carry things in and we then got a bite to eat and settled in to watch the OSU game. It was a great game and nice way to relax after a BUSY DAY!