20201008 + Craving

20201008 - Up in the am and L at work, I made sure J&G were up and then headed in to the office for a couple meetings. Took a break at lunch and Lonie and I met Kevin and Derek for lunch. We had a good chat and got caught up. Back to the office for a bit and got a couple more things done. Home and hung out a bit. L cooked some dinner and LG&I and then G and I headed out for his hitting lessons.  I got caught up on stuff and called dad about the weekend while G swing the bat. We picked up some high school sport programs to ship out on the way home. Home and watching some TV with L and she mentioned she wanted some chocolate cake and I wanted something but wasn’t sure what I wanted so I just jumped in the car and ran up to kroger. I ended up with a large macaroni salad, chocolate and carrot cakes, sliced olives, dill hamburger chips, 3 bags of tortilla chips, large salsa, bag of Hershey kisses, bottle or Ready Whip and a pumpkin pie! Home and had a snack!