20201005 - $16

20201005 - Up in the am and L at work and J&G online for school. Had a cable guy in our yard working on the neighbor's house this morning. J headed out for lunch and G made instant mashed potatoes and hamburger gravy for lunch. L was running G to/from practice when I got a call from an auction house making sure I come and pick everything up tonight...??? This usually doesn't happen. The auction houses I deal with have my card on file and once a month I swing by and get the stuff I have won.  But tonight is different... See I go in to some auctions and put $1 on anything I think I can arbitrage on ebay or if Lori or the Boys or someone I know might want it. Well I did that for this auction and bought $16 worth of stuff, I usually get out bid on most things and end up with only a handful of stuff. Tonight I won 2 upholstered chairs and an ottoman, a metal garden sofa and chair, 2 bar stools, 2 shelves, a handful of paintings, plates and other assorted items that took DJG&I 3 trips to get... $16 worth of stuff filled up our garage! We did take a break between loads to have dinner and D joined us. It was nice to have everyone at the table until J&G got in a SCREAMING match about who gets to sort metal posts at the Farm. REALLY!? There are several million things to do at the Farm and they are going to fight about posts that haven't moved in 2 decades.... smh... Eventually everyone calmed down and got the last load. I went out to deposit checks but for some reason the ATM was not accepting deposits last night (handy because I make only 1 trip a month to the bank)... On to Home Depot to return the supplies we didn't use for repairs up at the farm. Home and I thought D was going to stick around to watch some football, be he got out of crazy screaming town ASAP... I stayed up and got a couple things done on the PC until late.