20201024 - 15th Annual OSU Football Party

20201024 - Up early and started the chili and final preparations for our OSU Party. Things were running smooth, got the hot dogs steaming and Dave showed up to help a bit before others showed up. Right around kickoff we had more folks come in and it was GREAT to see people! I wan't sure how many folks would show up with all the crazy COVID stuff going on and honestly couldn't remember who all got invited. But was had a nice crowd, about 30 folks, that should up and stayed social distanced and work masks and hung out and chatted and had a good time. L&I were happy that the crowd was smaller, it allowed us time to actually sit and catch up with folks rather than run around refilling buns and bowls and host duties that we normally do. Nice calm day and the Buckeyes looked great and WON! Several of the guests brought 50th bday gifts, expensive bourbon and Dave got me the coolest little bourbon cask I've ever seen. The party wound down and everyone except a couple neighbors headed out. The 2 neighbor guys stayed until 1:30am watching football, drinking and chatting. It was enjoyable, but WAY too late for me. VERY NICE DAY!