20201009 - Front Porch Sippin

20201009 - Up in the am and L at work, boys sleeping in, no school today, and I got on calls. Had a busy productive day. JG&I ran to pick up J's car, expensive repairs... They didn't change his oil so we have to take the car back tonight. G&I headed further out and I dropped G off at Luke's for the day. Home to a quiet house and got a bunch done in the afternoon. After work L&I walked down to Gahanna Grill and had a nice dinner and ran in to some folks we know and chatted a bit. Strolled home and then I ran out, dropped off a deposit at that bank, picked up a prescription, got a couple things at Home Depot and then picked G up at Luke's. Home and dropped G off and headed over to Penn's. We hung out on the front porch and sampled a couple bourbons and chatted on the front porch for a couple hours.