20201026 + More Than I Expected

20201026 + Up in the am and L at work and J&G online for school. L ad some decorations up for me and some gifts out. I got on calls and getting things done at the desk. Both J&G came down at some point and wished me a happy bday. L got home and warmed us up some chili and then she gave me my main present, a video montage from folks wishing me a happy bday -> https://share.vidday.com/b-xjx5zp It was super cool and emotional, hard to believe I've been around this long... I received texts and calls throughout the day and more videos from folks that missed L's deadline. Very nice day. In the afternoon G had the first basketball tryout. L&I ran to the post office an then waited for G to come out, he made the first cut! We then swung through El Vaquero to pick up dinner and headed home to eat. J joined us for dinner and it was nice. I opened my presents from them and then settled in my chair in the pitch black out at 7:30. Penn swung by the house with some fancy bourbon and stayed and chatted a bit. Eventually G came in from the Xbox and L served us up some carrot cake she made me, I had 3 pieces YUM! and we watched some football before heading to bed for a sleepless night.