20201011 + Getting Stuck

20201011 + Up in the am and J and Bryce up and ready. We loaded final things and took off to the Farm. Stopped to get gas and then back home to pick up soup and bread... THEN we left for the Farm. We made good time and we headed to the barn to get things started. Dad and I reviewed many future tasks, redoing some plumbing the basement, railings for the back porch and steps. We then checked on the staking crew, compacted the trash, moved the bush hog and looked for some lumber. We then headed to Minard's and Lowe's to walk around and look at supply options. Home and ready for some lunch but J and Bryce were out on the pug and called because it died on them below the pond... I drove out and then walked through tall brush to get to them and get them running again. They made it back and we had some lunch with the boys and mom and then I got to work retrofitting the back bath fan. The boys helped GmaW with a couple things at the farmhouse and we finished up about the same time, but they took a couple more rides on the pug. We packed up and headed home. We got home as L was pulling out taking G to basketball practice. L home and we got caught up on the day and watched some football. Chris over to watch The Walking Dead, but season 11 isn't released yet... so we watched the new 'Beyond something' or other spin off, it was ok. Up and shutting down and ready for the week.