20201013 - ON STRIKE!? SERIOUSLY???

20201013 - Up in the am and weird day... L at a work day for school on Zoom training, J&G still in bed because our teacher thought it would be a good idea for the first day of school to GO ON STRIKE!? WHAT? SERIOUSLY??? The first day of a return to normal and this happens?! UGH! I worked all day and G had loud friends over. L home around lunch. Lonie and I joined a call about how the stock market reacts to presidential elections, J headed out for work at 5. I headed to the high school to pick up some programs to ship out and swing by the post office. Home and had some dinner and then headed out to the garage to clean up for the 10/24 OSU party and then ended up getting out the welder to fix up G's baseball net and then clean up. In and settled in front of the TV with L to finish out the night.