20201023 - Final Prep

20201023 - Up late and L at work, she left her phone on the counter and J&G at school. I got on the PC and had calls and texts coming in from everywhere this morning. I glued myself to the desk and got a bunch done. L home and I headed out to run across town and do some more inventorying, but got to thinking as I was driving this is crazy to head out on a Friday afternoon for an hour on the road with everything we had yet to do this evening and there was no rush on this stuff so I turned around and headed home. Back home and was able to finish off some important coding before the end of the day. I headed out of the office, sent L&G out for dinner and I did final pre-party layout updates. We had dinner and then I ran to Kroger and had to make 2 trips in and out because I got so much, buns, beer, ice, chips... Home and put things away and we are ready to roll. Not up too late with a busy day tomorrow.