20201018 - NO COVID

20201018 - Up in the am and L ran to get G and J home from his friends. I got around and G&I headed to Raising A Hitter in Westerville to meet a couple of kids and dads from his team to practice hitting. Home and got organized for the day and coming week. L got notified that one of the teachers from school tested positive for COVID and freaked out. She was a mess and G&I finally convinced her to go get tested so she headed out. D stopped over and we got his 401k stuff set up as we watched the Browns get the crap kicked out of them by the Steelers. D left, L home, she tested negative. L&I headed out for a couple errands and hit Home Depot and Meijer to get some supplies. Home and I helped GpaW with an impossible logic puzzle while L cooked dinner. We ate and then L ran G to basketball. We then watched some of our scary Netflix series, L was too afraid to pick G up but I sent her out anyway so I could keep working on the PC. L&G home, Chris Pettit over to watch the Beyond zombie shoe, but the TV wasn't working so we just hung out and chatted a bit. Chris left, J home from work, I stayed up too late updating ads for the Boosters