20201027 - Near Miss

20201027 - Up early, L at work and boys online for school. I headed to Dr. office for 50yr checkup... the lady at the desk told me I wasn't on the schedule for today and my appointment was for tomorrow... HUH? so headed out, got in car and double checked email... YES I DO have an appointment today, they even emailed me to confirm it last night... So went back in and had her double ck, showed her the email... saw a paper schedule laying on the desk with my name on it! Yep I had an appointment! So after 20 min of convincing and a lengthy COVID screening I sat and waited... Eventually I was taking back, weighed in, given a tetanus shot, a flue shot, the first part of the shingles vaccine and an EKG. The Dr came in and we chatted for a long time about COVID and what all tests we should and since I hit my deductible for the year could have done. he gave me the once over and all good. He scheduled me for a colon party and then took me next door to have blood drawn to ck my cholesterol. All checked out I het the gas station on the way home and saw kids on the corners by the high school waiting to cross the street and get to their next class AMEN! It did my heart a world of good to see the kids out there! Home and jumped on a couple calls and got my day rolling. L home and arranged dinner. Gma&paW were down for an eye appointment and swung by afterwards. They brought me a cool customized fire ring with a bunch of accessories. We had some subs for dinner and chatted a bit before they headed home before it got dark. L ran G to basketball tryouts. We relaxed and waited until time to pick him up. I headed out and got to the school at 9, when they started taking each boy individually in to the office to discuss their fate. Eventually they started coming out. After many kids came out, G emerged and ran to the car. G made the basketball team! We headed to get him a celebratory frosty from Wendy's. On way we heard loud smashing glass and clang and a light pole had fallen right behind our car! Home and G told L all about the tryout.