20201028 - Two Sore Arms

20201028 - Up slow, had a rough night trying to sleep on two sore arms... Today was a bit different: L was at work, G was on the PC for school and J got to go back to school! I got busy at the desk and L got home and ran G to the orthodontist in the afternoon for a wire not in the brace in the back bottom right and poking him in the mouth. All home and LJG&I had a nice dinner together. J told us all about his day and how it was so different and hard with one way halls that made it extra hard to get where you needed to be on time. L ran G to basketball practice. We hung out for a bit before I picked G and Owen up from practice, dropped O's off and G&I headed home. We hung out in front of the TV for the evening and I was up too late doing nothing.