20201003 - Campfire

20201003 - L got me up to early and we headed to the Pick Lakeview Invitational to watch G run. G ran well today and came in 16th out of about 200 runners with a time of 12:32! Gahanna won the whole thing and G got a couple trophies. We left G there to ride the bus home and L&I stopped at a couple auction houses to look around and pick stuff up.Home and got G and headed down to Beliner, D&J ran and picked up lunch for all of us and joined us at the game. G's team played pretty good for only their second game and G got to pitch and did well. He struck out once but had 3 other really nice hits. The game ended in a tie and we headed home. Home and L getting things cleaned up and G&I ran to Home Depot for a couple more supplies and then picked up some Popeye's for dinner. L's girlfriends over for pizza and hanging out on back porch. G's buddy Luke over for the night. We played Trouble and watched some college football. Not up too late.