20201006 - Isn't it Ironic

20201006 - Up in the am and L at work and J&I on the phone with the high school trying to drop a class before the deadline. He has a couple other classes that he's not doing well in and we had a discussion about them. I had to take a walk afterwards, I'm just not wired like he is and can't understand why it is ok to not care about certain things... I talked to CB on the phone and he gave me some perspective... Back in the house, chatted with J and let him know I really don't care about the grades, I just want him to be able to graduate and be happy in his life. Down to the office for the rest of the day going down through tasks. L home and she ran G to XC, J headed to Wendy's for work and I was still at the desk. G home and changed quick and I ran him to Academy park for baseball practice. I had to go find an L screen that was 2 fields away and drag it back to the field G and his team was on. After that I was done helping and had a seat to write up some ideas on a software Lonie and I are going to build. Someone asked me what I was doing and they found it pretty ironic that I was designing a software to implement the most advanced communication devices available in the world today on a tiny little yellow paper tablet. It works! After practice L&I dropped the car off at Tuffy for an oil change tomorrow. Home and ate, spilled dill pickle juice all over L's kitchen rug (I'm a dead man) :-o We hung out in the living room for a bit watching TV, J home and upstairs studying until I went to check on him at 1:30 am and he was asleep sitting up in bed with his laptop on and in in his lap, he's trying. I was a bit longer mapping my ideas from the little yellow tablet to my online collaboration tool for a review meeting tomorrow and Thursday.