20201004 - Farm Fixin

20201004 - Up in the am and got G and Luke around and we headed up tot he Farm. We made good time and met up with GpaW and headed to the barn where we gave the boys instructions on bundling fence posts, weighed them and got them working. I then removed the old washing machine outlet box and installed a new one. Dave stopped over to help out and had lunch with us. I got a call from a friend that saw a bunch of police cars by my house... Neighbor's dogs got out and were running around the neighborhood with no collars; multiple police cars at their house trying to secure the dogs... Unfortunately all were returned... After lunch GmaW and the boys went back down to the barn to bundle more posts and Dave and I finished up the box install and put in a new ceiling fan. Out of time and we all headed out.

Got home and the boys helped me put the tools away. L took off with G and Luke to drop a shipment off at the post office for me, take Luke home and drop G off at basketball practice. I got a call shortly after they left that G got the package stuck in the shoot at the post office, so I had to go to the post office and see if I could fix things there... package deposited and shoot locked. L home and cut my hair, looks like she was more focused on talking to me than straight lines or common lengths :-o Chris over, today was his 53rd bday, and he J and I watched The Walking Dead season finale. It was GOOD and left plenty of new story lines open. Up late watching a series on AI and and getting organized for the week.